BrainBeats is a web-based application built around converting brain waves into music through multiple technologies, including, but not limited to electroencephalograms (EEGs) and machine learning.
   This seeks to be an interactive tool for musicians to create, share, and view new music through a public web-based interface.
   The headsets used for development were from OpenBCI, but we have a project in progress right now to develop a instructions so that anyone can build their own headset. We are also working on another version of the software, and it should be completed in April, 2023
   BrainBeats Website

John Cage Tribute

       The problem this project attempts to solve is creating an algorithmic music composition mechanism that is true to the John Cage ideals. Our project involves a mobile app as well as a web application. Approved users can schedule a time and proceed to different locations to simultaneously record the audio of their environment via their phones, which is then sent back to the server and mixed in real time.
   The web application will then save this audio as an MP3 file. Users will be able to go onto the web application and listen to (in real time) recordings, or download previous and listen to previous recordings.
   We are currently updating the application, and it should be ready for use late November 2023.
   Website in progress.

Composition Today

       If you are interested in music composition, this website is for you. It lists music composition contests so that you can find the right contest to enter. Hopefully you will win!
   You can also look through related jobs and apply if they interest you. There are also sections where you can find festivals and concerts for venues that will edify you and your musical side.
   The website is updated on a regular basis, so the content is fairly current. You can also add your own items so that others can share your information.
   The original Composition Today website brought that all into one place. Its functionality is slowly declining with no upkeep and the design could use some modernization. This is where the Composition Today team.
   The New Composition Today Website