Rick's Software

Rick's core competency is architecting, writing, and creating software. Many of his accomplishments are retail software pieces which fall into the category of entertainment software. He also has a serious side with many fortune 500 corporate clients who use his services on a regular basis. He is currently working on an enterprise-level collaboration system.

  Entertainment Software

Best Of Card Games
Over 150 varieties of classic card game favorites - Multiple variations of Solitaire, Poker, Spades, Pinochle, and More!

Plus 5 games just for kids! Customizable game play multiple skill levels and in-game hints.
Bicycle Bridge
An in-depth Bridge simulation from the number one name in card games, Bicycle. Increasing levels of difficulty provide a constant challenge for beginners and seasoned players alike.

Advance your skills with on-screen tutorials, replay and hint features.

Bicycle Hearts And Spades
Choose from 5 Hearts and 4 Spades variations. Customize 14 playing environments with realistic graphics, 15 card deck designs, and 5 musical tracks.

Increasing levels of difficulty provide a constant challenge.
Bicycle Pinochle
Choose from dozens of pinochle variations. Increasing levels of difficulty provide increasing challenges as your skills improve. Customizable playing environments offer exciting gameplay.
Bridge Baron
Includes "Learn to play Bridge" tutorials with multiple bidding systems and conventions. Get ready for bridge tournaments, challenging deals and everything you encounter in real life bridge.
Bridge Master
Master the art of playing Bridge! Track your progress through ever increasing levels of diffuculty. Cutting edge graphics and interface make this program a pleasure to use.

Help screens, analysis, tip and hints guide you to becoming a better player. For 1 - 4 players.
Championship Chess
Stunning 3D Graphics and a powerful chess engine provide beautiful and challenging gameplay.

9 levels of difficulty with 10 customizable Themes. Play like a champion with animated demonstraions, statistical breakdowns and more!
Chess For Windows
The most powerful Chess program in 3D! Multiple levels of play with a challenging computer AI. Tutorials and training modes let you learn as you play. A must for any Chess enthusiast.
Classic Chess
Master over 3000 classic games. Tutorial mode for beginners. Customizable skill levels and opponents. Play against the PC, a friend, or an online opponent!
Expert Championship Chess
Play like a Champ in stunning 3D Graphics. A powerful chess engine provides difficulty levels for everyone from beginner to grand master. Online play allows you to always find an intriguing opponent.
GrandMaster Chess
Grand Master Chess cannot possibly leave any professional or amateur chess player indifferent to all the new possibilities.

The game features multi-playing; customizable soundtracks, and a unique 3 level hint system.
Home Alone Coloring Books
The fun with Kevin continues in the Home Alone Computerized Coloring Book. Now you can color scenes from the movie, again and again and print out favorites.

Kids of all ages will find this Computerized Coloring Book a lot of fun.
Lotto Gold
This tried n' true lottery program adds a new level of fun to the lottery.

Classis picking systems such as Delta plus inovative new systems based on numerology, statistics and more.
Miami Vice
Crockett and Tubbs are trying to smash a drug ring that is ruled over by Mr. J. Players have to start at the bottom of the drug dealing circuit before working their way up to the casino-dwelling big shots.

Roam the streets of Miami, gather information and make your arrest.
Murder On The Atlantic
The murder cruise on the S.S. Bourgogne takes place in 1938. There are 600 cabins and 40 suspects.

Explore, interrogate suspects, and solve the crime.
Perfect CheckMate
2D and 3D graphics, over one dozen board designs, and a vast library of 3,000 classic games for your perusal, as well as dozens of opening books.

Tutorial mode, customized computer opponents and a full range of multiplayer support.
Robots DVD
12 kids' games featuring the characters from the hit Robots Movie! There's a dancing robot, a memory game, build-a-bot, and tons of additional arcade style fun!
Space Math
Space Math is an adaptation of the popular arcade game Lunar Lander. Players must answer math questions in order to safely land a space ship on the moon.

Black holes, meteors and the effects of gravity are combined with math equations so the higher levels are a real challenge!
Terminator 2 Chess
Characters from the Terminator 2: Judgment Day film appear as chess pieces, as do several units unique to the game, pitting Skynet themed pieces against Resistance themed pieces.
The Cardinal Of The Kremlin
Develop your satellite system before the Soviets do while preventing them from getting the upper hand. Set up a research team and test your technology, guard your secrets and at the same time try to get the secrets of the other side.
Trump Castle 1
Welcome to Trump Castle. The Ultimate Casino Gambling Simulation gives you more games, more slots, and more realistic action than any other computer gambling program on the market today.

Based on the Trump Castle Hotel and Casino By the Bay in Atlantic City.
Trump Castle 2
The new Ultimate Casino Gambling Simulation inspired by the fabulous Trump Castle Casino Resort by the Bay in Atlantic City. Enjoy the glamour, games and thrills of trying to capture a king's ransom.

Baccara, Blackjack, Craps, Slots, Roullete, and Video Poker.
Trump Castle 3
Trump Castle games are solid casino simulations licensed by the famous casino of the same name in Atlantic City owned by Donald Trump, one of the world's richest (and most flamboyant) billionaires.

Roulette, Craps, Poker, Slots, Baccarat, and Blackjack. Up to 4 players.


Bellomy Research
Bellomy Research uses leading-edge analytical techniques to create customized approaches to address marketing and business questions. As research practitioners, they begin with business issues and take an empirical approach, with the objective of blending statistical science with knowledge and experience to get the right answers to the right questions.
The Volvo Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of cars trucks, buses, construction equipment and marine and industrial engines. The Volvo Group, which employs about 115,000 people, has production facilities in 19 countries and sells its products in more than 190 markets.
Direct Dispensing
Direct Dispensing, Inc is a pharmaceutical dispensing solutions company, which has developed a label and package with two main objectives: to reduce dispensing errors and to reduce the labor involved in dispensing.

Remington Arms Company, LLC, produces and sells sporting goods products for the hunting and shooting sports markets, as well as military, government and law enforcement markets.
It distributes its products throughout the U.S. and in over 55 foreign countries..
Wachovia was a diversified financial services company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Wachovia was the fourth-largest bank holding company in the United States based on total assets. Wachovia provided a broad range of banking, asset management, wealth management, and corporate and investment banking products and services.
Data Masters
For over 40 years, DataMasters has been on the leading edge of the professional services industry in the Southeast - providing timely, flexible solutions to your staffing challenges. If you're looking for top-tier technology talent and expertise on demand,
Landmark Communications
Landmark Communications is a privately held media company specializing in broadcast television, newspaper publishing, internet publishing, software and data centers.
Rockingham County Chamber
The mission of the Rockingham County Chamber of Commerce is to enhance the business environment with advocacy, mentoring, and education and to promote economic growth.
Childrens Internet
Childrens Internet gives our children the opportunity to experience all of the benefits and wonderment of the internet, in an age-appropriate environment, while shielding our children from dangerous, inappropriate content and communications.
Intuit's array of flagship brands reflects the growing number of ways we help people solve their important problems. Whether helping balance a checkbook, run a small business, or pay income taxes, Intuit's innovative solutions have simplified millions of people's lives.
MCI was an American telecommunications company that was the second-largest long-distance provider in the U.S. From the early 1990s on, MCI's network was an integral part of the global Internet backbone as they led the way into today's online technologies.
General Media
This print house published a number of prestigious magazines including; Compute!, Omni, Four-Wheeler, and Longevity