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Rick is a seasoned software engineer with many prestigious accomplishments and positions. In addition to his skills as an enterprise-level software architect and engineer, he writes, consults, and serves as an industry expert in many areas. His expertise spans the following skill sets.
* Strong language skills: Intel assembly, C++, C#, and Java
* Digital imaging: image processing and computer vision
* Artificial intelligence: neural networks, binary search, natural language processing, Markov
* Mobile development: iOS, Android, Windows 8
* Supporting technologies: SQL, COM+, HTML, ASP.NET

Rick's previous positions include Senior Programmer at Capstone, Senior Software Engineer at MCI, Senior Software Engineer at Landmark Communications, and Chief Technology Officer at Strategic Annotation. Duties including high-level software design, programming, staff management, and interaction with C-Level executives.

The apex of Rick's education is a PhD in Information Technology. His dissertation covered a new approach to reducing data entropy which increases the ratio of data compression, thus reducing payload sizes. This experience in the academic world allows Rick to be both a practitioner and an academic.

In addition to the mountains of incredible software that he has created, Rick has written hundreds of print articles, 23 technical books, and dozens of online articles. With his fabulous track record, publishers seek him out to tackle the most important assignments.

As a member of Mensa, Rick meets interesting and challenging people. These connections allow him to remain steeped in contemporary thought. This contributes immensely to his ability to apply these paradigms to software engineering.

When he is not creating top-level software and writing, he can be found playing racquetball, backpacking, writing music, playing the guitar or French Horn, and seeking creative expression in other ways.

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