Summer of ’20

I have an ambitious set of objectives for this summer. The two top priorities are physical fitness and UCF instruction. I plan to lose body fat and gain strength. I developed a plan with which I can lose the blubber and increase muscle. (I know people say you can’t do both, but in the past I have.) I also want to do a fantastic job teaching this summer. It’s difficult since I am teaching online, but I have taken steps to mitigate the effects of online teaching.

I have some secondary objects, too. I plan to solidify my understanding of TensorFlow, a neural network library used for artificial intelligence and machine learning. I’m going to work through the basics and then the popular architectures of RNNs, LSTMs, and CNNs. I’m also planning to shore up my knowledge of the Angular JavaScript framework.

I have three weeks between summer semester and fall semester. I’m not sure what I’ll do during that time. Scuba diving in Key Largo is high up on the possibility list. I might also be able to go fishing with some buddies. It’ll be a fun time.