22,500 Steps

I have a regular exercise routine on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I jog for a mile or two, I run sprints, and then I lift weights. This has helped me lean down and gain strength over the last six months. I have had to buy a lot of dumbbells since the gyms are closed. My back porch looks like a mini-gym.

Three months ago I got a FitBit with the intention of adding significant walking to my routine. I started off being satisfied with the recommended 10,000 steps. But I wanted to lean down faster so I increased to 15,000 steps each day for a few weeks, then 20,000 steps each day for a few weeks, and then finally 25,000.

It turns out the 25,000 per days was a bit too much. My legs were always sore, and it was hard to jog and sprint on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. So I tried 22,500 steps and it seemed to work. That’s where I am, and except for a week in Miami the first week of August, I plan to keep this up.

It is a huge time commitment. I make up for it by planning my software and my fiction writing during my walks.