Weather and Fitness

It is cold in Florida. January and February are usually the times we get cold weather. This morning it was 36 degrees Fahrenheit. I had wanted to go snorkeling in preparation for a scuba class. On Thursday and Friday it should warm up to the 70s in the afternoon, so I will put on a half wet suit.

Other than that, the weather is gorgeous and I have been walking a lot. In my neighborhood I can walk every sidewalk (both sides of the street) in about three hours. It’s about 21,000 steps (according to my FitBit) and contributes greatly to my exercise plan.

I’m going to start lifting weights on February 1. I had to stop as I had surgery on December 17. The surgeon told me to wait until February. This too will be great for my ongoing fitness.

I’ll make occasional posts in which I talk about my fitness plan.