Getting Ready for Summer

Spring 2024 semester is almost over. During break I will travel for about 9 days visiting people. But before the end of the semester I am mapping out summer.

I have several fiction projects. Two are complete and need rewrites. The Lion’s Paw 2 is self published and is being sold on Amazon. Birth of Jai is not published in any way, and I would like to find a traditional publisher. I may decide to jump in a do rewrites on both this summer.

I have also been working on a data compression algorithm. I may decide to dive in and try to complete this during the summer. It could potentially provide a windfall profit for me if I can find the right buyer.

I would also like to enter the International Horn Society composition contest. The entries are due in December. I entered this contest two years ago with two pieces.

I have a lot of choices. I can’t do them all. I really should pick one. But I am in the formation process.