Thoughts For Today

I have sponsored a number of music projects for students. I teach a two-semester capstone sequence where students work in teams of 5 on a single project. The projects I have sponsored are Composition Today (, a tribute to John Cage, computer assisted EDM creation, color rendering of music, and BrainBeats system for generating music from EEG signals. It has been a way to explore some of the edges of music.

I am currently finishing something for horn and SATB which I will enter in the International Horn Society composition contest. I’d also like to write a horn/piano piece for the same contest (in a different category). Entries are due December 1, 2022 so I will need to get started soon. For my horn/choral piece I will probably need to have it recorded by The Composer’s Choir. But for a horn/piano solo a Finale rendering is fine for the contest entry. You can read about the contest at

Oh, one more personal thing before I go that is affecting me right now. My youngest daughter and her husband have been living with me for 3 ½ years. Blake just finished his master’s in computer science, and they are leaving on Saturday to move to McClean, Virginia where he will work as a software engineer for Capital One. While here they had two children. I will really miss them.