Wrapping Up and Getting Started

I’m wrapping up Fall 2023 semester. Of course, I am spending lots of time grading. While I have TAs, they can’t grade the 150-pages senior design 1 papers. I have one more exam tonight that is student presentations. After it’s over I will enter these grades and be cinished with COP 4331 grading.

I also am in the process of accepting an outside contract. It’s based on the technology that I teach, React with an Express badn end, so I am comforotable. The people at the company seem nice, so I am hoping it is a good experience for everyone.

I also leave for Key Largo on Decembe r 12, 2023. I am doing my DiveMastger training Decembef 13-17. I will return to Orlando on December 18, 2023. This will be an accomplishment to be proud of. Scuba diving gets me out of my software engineering box. It’s more about transformation than watching fish.

Twelve days after Christmas I will do a combination of the contract work, observe proper nutrition, and exercise. Spring 2024 semester is almost completely prepped, so I can hit thr ground running on January 8.