Almost Spring Break 2024

I just made reservations for 8 dives that I will do over Spring break 2024. I am looking forward to them. The first four are shallow since I have not been in the water (exception Alexander Springs) since December 15. The next two are deep, but I am certified for 100 feet. The last two are in Biscayne Bay. One is at a site called Neptune Memorial where ashes are interred. I have wanted to do this dive for about three years.

I am staying with a buddy in Miami. We have known each other for many years. It’s always good to spend time with him. He lives in the house he grew up in, so I have many memories of the house and more than one acre of land.

I’m going to find some land venues of things to do in Miami. For sure we will shoot trap and skeet, and shoot handguns in the indoor range. The planetarium might be good. Everglades national park might be good. There are lots of options.

Then I come back to finish the semester at UCF.