Ready, Get Set, Go

Classes start tomorrow. I have most of my material prepared. There are a few gaps that I can deal with since they don’t occur until later in the semester. This includes the MERN A, B, and C lectures for COP 4331. These seem to change every semester due to changes in hosting. I also need to edit my C++ and C# material for COP 4020.

I really enjoy the classes I teach. 4331, 4934, and 4935 are what I used to do. They are strictly software engineering, which is what I did in industry for years. The biggest challenge in those classes are the team dynamics. No matter what, there are always a small percentage of students who are social loafers and let the rest of their team do the work.

I am also sponsoring some senior design projects myself. These have to do with music. They are continuations of previous versions, each of which have made substantial contributions.

Time to kick it off!